Kelly Ireland

Financial Advisor

Kelly began her career in the Life Insurance industry in 1991 with Equitable Life.  From there Kelly ventured into Mutual Funds becoming licensed in 1993 and joining a boutique style planning firm.  Through 2003 she began to specialize in a complete financial process including Mutual Funds, Life Insurance and Tax Preparation.  As well as fine tuning her skills, Kelly started her own Firm “Ireland Financial” and since then her Team and Firm has continued to grow.

Kelly’s focus when she meets with clients is to ensure that they are organized with their investments, retirement, estate and tax planning.  She fully invests in her clients which reflects in their investments.

When you meet with Kelly you will find that she truly cares about her clients and wants what is not only best for them right now but also long term.  You will find Kelly and her carefully selected team hold strong to the Ireland Financial ‘With You for Life’ slogan which captures the all-encompassing theme of complete planning.  

Insurance products and tax services available through Kelly Ireland.